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A limited edition of Pink Army all-season boots, of which only 1,000 pairs were made. Lightweight and comfortable women's shoes are the perfect blend of our DNA and the softness that simply belongs to women's shoes. The shoes are made of cowhide leather combined with fabric and rubber soles. The firm tongue of the shoe does not let dust and small dirt...

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DOUBLE RED Women's sweatshirt, perfect fit . Ideal for fine-tuning with every streetwear and sports outfit, make it an indispensable piece of your wardrobe collection. Combine it with your favourite sweatpants and pants together. Choose your tracksuit from DOUBLE RED.

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NEW! Lightweight and comfortable unisex RED JUNGLE™ Tactical boots in army style are characterized by their modern design. This model is also available in other colours. The boots are made of synthetic fabric. The sole is made of lightweight synthetic material - polyurethane. Specially molded insole with Arch Support™- a comfortable insole...

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Limited edition EXTREMO™ collection, of which only 1,000 pairs of each model were produced. These sneakers are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear with a ""sock-like"" feel. You've had enough of ordinary sneakers, so why not to go to the other extreme. This model is also available in other colours. They are made from a combination of knit...