This is #DoubleRed

DOUBLE RED is a street-wear brand with a unique design. Leisure style suitable for any occasion.


You know the beginnings can be difficult, but everything works when you set a goal. We have started in 2010 as a small company in a small office, but determined to break records. Off-road as a world sport was really close to our hearts, guys were riding around the world on giant off-road cars. How amazing it would be to see our logo on their cars? So we have started to make accessories for these giant cars, from the chassis to the winches to the seats themselves, we have simply brought style to those cars. We have reached our goal, but that wasn't enough, we wanted to see our logo not just on the cars but also on people who are riding them. Therefore we brought our DNA into our clothes. We teamed up with stars such as the competitor Stefan Svitko and we are currently cooperating with the team ULTIMATE DAKAR from the Czech Republic.


Over time, we began to grow and grow and popularly said - "we were exploding like bombs". Our experienced designers are still designing stylish clothes, shoes or accessories that are unique in their design. Today we are shipping to the whole world, which allows us to carry the title of multinational company. In 2020, we have definitely moved to our new logistic center. We searched and found many influencers in our street-wear and army style and we are sharing their uniqueness through social networks, where we already have a lot of fans and together we create #teamDOUBLERED.


There is never enough celebrities, and it's also part of prestige when we have always new and new names in our repertoire. Our unique design is also defined by tough guys and they appear most often in cages, where they struggle and measure their strength. That's where we started our massive collaboration. The DOUBLE RED family also includes UFC world wrestler Makhmud "Mach" Muradov and wrestlers on the domestic scene such as Samuel "Pirat" Kristofic or David "PinkPanther" Kozma. Their clothing collections are sold out regularly, and what is better than wearing clothes with your idol? We have also lent our DNA to other celebrities, such as rapper Majself and Separ. You can join us and feel like a star.


Our designers are constantly designing new pieces and bringing new trends. Each of them is elaborated in detail. They carefully select the best materials and pay attention to quality. Therefore, our clothing is a guarantee of comfort, quality and style.


Today we are working 24/7 to keep bringing new stunning pieces to your wardrobe. Our marketers and graphic designers are in constant contact with you on social networks. Our work place is perfect for making us feel at home while we are at work. We are working on bringing you even more stores or accompanying you through various events. We are expanding our cooperation in various industries and preparing new projects. The world is already whispering about us, but we want them to scream.